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Monday, July 22, 2024

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Contributed by Keith Mealy, 2022-05-05  Strategy Games PDF


Toy Car Carrier

A Toy Car Carrier with 3 toy cars made from a single 19" long 2" x 4" piece of wood (plus wheels) is a really neat toy. And it's fun to make. Courtesy of George Murphy, here are the plans. You can download and assemble full-sized drawings in PDF format. Note instructions for printing, assembling drawing, creating a reusable template and suggestions for construction sequence.

Here is an example of a finished Car Carrier Toy: 





Twin-sized Bed Plan

(Beds for needy families project)


Drawing and cut list for 2012 simplified bed design (Courtesy George Murphy).


Downloadable (pdf) Plans for Toys

Courtesy Jim Baldock - free for non-profit use. 




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