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Wednesday, October 4, 2023



  • Where do you meet? Our meeting location is at Edward B Mueller Company located at 101 East Benson Street; Reading, OH 45215
  • What do the meetings entail? All meetings contain door prizes, quick shop tips, show and tell, methods of work presentation (subject varies), and ends with a guest a speaker. All meetings are a great opportunity to network with other members who share the same passion! 
  • What does the club offer? Generally, it's what you make of it. The club offers an annual Spring seminar covering a specific topic (power tool maintenance and set-up, stick chair building, etc.). There are often members who are selling tools or lumber, giving away books and magazines. The biggest benefit the club offers is the vast array of knowledge amongst members and the willingness to share it with one another. It's something that cannot be measured up to in a YouTube video.
  • Are there volunteer opportunities? Absolutely! Various members build wooden toys for the Children's Hopsital, furniture for the New Life Furniture Bank, and several other outlets.
  • Sounds great! I'd love to join. How? We are open to all woodworkers of any skill level and accept new members at any time. Annual dues are $20 for adults and $5 for students payable at the September meeting. 

Additional membership perks:

  • Discounts at select retail woodworking stores and supply outlets
  • Mentors within specific areas of the craft (hand tools, turning, inlay, etc.)
  • 5 meetings per year involving: shop tips, show and tell, methods of work, and guest presenters
  • Networking with other members

If you wish to become a member, here are two options to apply for membership: print a blank application for membership and fill it in by hand or type your data directly into the form and print it. You may mail it or bring it to a meeting, click here: Membership Application


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