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Saturday, April 20, 2024
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There are 5 scheduled meetings per year.  They are held the 2nd Saturday of September, November, January, March and May.  Each is planned and run by one of the five area groups (CNTL=Central, SWST=Southwest, NWST=Northwest, NEAS=Northeast, SEAS=Southeast) within the CWC. 

Each member is assigned to a group based on zip code in the Greater Cincinnati area. The idea is that members who live in the same general area will be more likely to get together, share ideas and collaborate on projects as well as help plan and participate in meetings. 

For a Zip code breakdown and related groups, click Zip Code Grouping. While this is a convenient way to organize the groups, it is not mandatory.  If a member wants to participate in a different group, he or she may simply let Dick Fisher know and he'll make the change on the membership roster.

Presentations and demonstrations are conducted by members or guest speakers.  The subjects covered are diverse.  Past meetings have included discussions of finishing & refinishing techniques, furniture repair, green lathe turning, box, toy, guitar and harp building, dovetail jigs and woodworking as a business, to name more than a few. In addition, we have taken tours of woodworking businesses including Paxton Lumber, Art Woodworking and the Wilhelm Lumber Mill.

There is also a "show & tell" period at each meeting.  Members are encouraged to bring their finished projects to share with attendees.

On rare occasions the Club cancels a meeting due to weather, moves a meeting location due to meeting room conflicts, or other special reasons. Click: to get information about meeting closing dates.


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